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E-learning studio is one of the leading online platforms for kids’ education, providing a child-friendly process of learning. It helps learners and organisations discover what is possible through our innovative learning solutions. E-learning studio offers a beautiful environment of learning to the children like nursery rhymes, kids’ stories, poems, e-books, pre-school learning, and what not. Today, over 1 lakh people have already subscribed to our channel on Youtube for better growth and achievement of their kids.

We believe that learning in the digital world enables children to use the technology they are already aware of, to better understand the curriculum.

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8 Easy Activities During Lockdown That Will Surely Happy Your Children.


7 Successful Tips and Tricks to Speak English Fluently and Efficiently

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7 Most Effective and Most Successful Ways to Teach Your Kids English at Home

शेर और खरगोश 1

शेर और खरगोश

Table of Thirty 2

Table of Thirty

Table of twenty nine 3

Table of twenty nine

table of twenty eight 4

table of twenty eight

table of twenty seven 5

table of twenty seven

table of twenty six 6

table of twenty six

Table of Twenty five 7

Table of Twenty five

Table of Twenty four 8

Table of Twenty four

Science Articles

Brain 9

Parts of the Brain The brain looks like a wrinkled set of grey-coloured tissues which are packed in a... >>read more

Influenza 10

Most of us must have experienced runny nose or cough Actually, these symptoms are caused when our body gets... >>read more

Skin 12

What is Skin In the human body,skin completely covers the body for keeping inside stuff safe Skin is the... >>read more

Laws of Motion 13
Laws of Motion

In our daily life, we walk and run, ride bicycle, drive cars, lift objects, and so on All of... >>read more

Virus 14

Have you ever taken a mushroom dish Mushrooms are the living creatures that belong to neither plants nor animals... >>read more

Sodium (Na) 15
Sodium (Na)

Sodium is a metallic element which,in the periodic table, belongs to the alkali group Because of compound, sodium chloride, it is one of the most... >>read more

Enzymes 16

Enzymes are protein molecules that are needed by our body to work in a propermanner These are utilised in... >>read more

Zinc (Zn) 18
Zinc (Zn)

Zinc is shiny bluish-white in colour whichis a metallic element It is 24th in the list of most abundant elements on the earth’s crust and has an... >>read more

Aluminium (Al) 19
Aluminium (Al)

Aluminium is used in most of the daily products made of metals It is a chemical element having an atomic number of 13Aluminium belongs to the group... >>read more

Force 20

What is Force Everything in this world is surrounded by forces, ie, push, pull or gravitational force These forces... >>read more

Skeletal System 21
Skeletal System

Humanbeings and all animals have bones that help them to structure body without wasting energy It is because the... >>read more

Cell 22

All the living things are made up of tiny creatures which are known as cells These cells are the... >>read more

English Articles

Adjectives 24

Definition Adjectives are words that are used to describe or modify nouns or pronouns Grammar Rule Examples I have... >>read more

Modals-Could And Counldn't
Modals – ‘could’ and ‘couldn’t’

Grammar Rule Examples I couldn’t play computer games when I was six Shecould swim when she was three Hecouldn’t... >>read more

Will-Future Predictions
Will – future predictions

  Grammar Rule Examples I will be an engineerYou won’t have any problems regarding office timingI will try to... >>read more

Too Big, Too Small
Too big, too small

Grammar Rule Examples He is too young to learn French language The music is too loud to bear It... >>read more

This,That, These, Those
This, that, these, those

  Grammar Rule Examples This is my friend VikasThis is his bicycleThat is my uncle Rakesh reading in the... >>read more


Definition Pronouns are the words that replace a noun in a sentence Pronouns are used to avoid repeating the... >>read more

Present Simple And Present Continuous
Present simple and present continuous

Grammar Rule Examples I playchessat night She is playingfootball now He eatsvegetables every day He’s eating a carrot now... >>read more

Present Simple-Verb 'To Be'
Present simple – verb ‘to be’

Grammar Rule Examples I am 10 years old! They are Egyptian He is a musician AreBrad Pitt and Angelina... >>read more

Present Perfect-Expression
Present perfect – experiences

Grammar Rule Examples They have been to Africa He hasn’t eatenidli Have you learnt French language I met a... >>read more

Present Continuous – future Arrangements
Present continuous – future arrangements

  Grammar Rule Examples She is visiting her aunt tomorrowThey are coming to our farmhouse on SundayWhat are your... >>read more

Prepositions of Time
Prepositions of time

  Definition Prepositions of time are the ones that allow you to discuss a specific time period such as... >>read more

Prepositions Of Place
Prepositions of place

  Definition Prepositions of place are the ones which are used to refer to a place where something or... >>read more

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